Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Brian and I are working as a team again! We had the chance to meet Suzana at her home last Friday. It was RAINING outside... of all days to rain! Sooo.....we improvised and set up studio in her home. It was a lot of fun! Suzana brought Harry in to do her make up and pumped up the TUNES! Brian set up lighting for me and away we went shooting. We just captured the "moments" and used natural lighting coming through the windows and then some studio shots. Suzana was so natural in front of the camera. ;) (Come to find out....Suzana used to model.....and get paid for it too!) LOL!!!! I just thought I was doing a great job. You are beautiful Suzana! AND we are so glad to have met you ;)
There are over a 100 to choose from and every image is gorgeous! A few of my favorites

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Hernandez Kids

These are the "Hernandez Kids"!!! This family is so much FUN! I met Linda (momma) and Kristin (oldest sis) at Samy's camera in Pasadena the other day. We hit it off right a way and already met at Starbucks yesterday morning for a long chat about life and our photography businesses. We decided we would get together with our hubby's (as our assistants with lighting) and GO PLAY and photography this gorgeous kids in Claremont, CA.
Linda is a fellow photographer. Her specialty is natural lighting and vintage children images. ADORABLE!!! Well, Kristin, Kaitlyn, Alexa and Brandon aren't just beautiful to the eye, I would have to say that their personalities and hearts are vibrant, individual, talented and they shine! There is truly something special about this family ;) GREAT job mom and dad! Ezra, Brian and I are happy to have new friends is the Hernandez family.



Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Jovana, her sister and Janitza, mom Angelica and dad Luis were so much fun to shoot. Angelica was so prepared with her family and all the clothes and color combinations. BEAUTIFUL taste! GREAT job Angelica. Your home and its spirit is so warm and homey! I hold precious and dear a new friendship with you all. ;)